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Icon Snowskates


Icon Snowskates


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Icon Snowskates was founded in 2008 upon one simple truth: with just an inch of snow the world becomes your skatepark. Our handmade skateboards for the snow are built one-by-one in our shop in Massachusetts.



wherever, whatever the weather campaign

We framed this season's marketing efforts by a simple brand narrative: wherever, whatever the weather. Our site & social posts encouraged folks to keep skating their local skatepark or stair set, cruise through the woods, and even find fun in their own backyard.


built on shopify

While our products are sold wholesale to skate & snow shops around the world, we focus on direct, ecommerce sales. Our site is proudly built on Shopify using a heavily modified theme from Page Mill Design.



made here

Icon Snowskates are handmade at our shop in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Our boards are made in small batches, using sustainably-sourced materials, with consideration towards rider feedback.


photo treatment & use cases

To unify our brand's presence, we use a set of photo treatments. Our color preset helps bring the location, our riders, and our products to life. The black & white preset helps set the tone of our brand and allows us to repost shots featuring older graphics, without calling attention to past season product.

Icon Color - Modified Kodak Gold 100 +

Icon Color - Modified Kodak Gold 100 +

Icon B&W - Modified Kodak TRI-X +

Icon B&W - Modified Kodak TRI-X +


screen-printed base designs

Over the past decade our graphics have been sublimated, die-cut, and printed using a four-color process. We've since switched to 100% silkscreening, which keeps us creative on the design side and has allowed us to bring the entire process in-house.



Since the beginning, we've made it our mission to show the world the potential of skateboarding on snow.