Design for Brands by Matt Plays

Burton Modular System


Burton Modular System

  1. Scope

  2. Typography
  3. System design
  4. Web design
  1. Info

  2. Modular System created for a start-from-scratch redesign of The system delivers brand imagery across various layouts to give users a beautiful start to their ecommerce experience.
  1. Strategy

  2. We set out to create a set of modules that could be stacked to create product-focused, easy-to-update pages. The homepage and landing pages for Men, Women, Youth, and Bags are built, and constantly updated, using this system.
  1. documentation

  2. We kept record of the grid system, type scale, character counts, and key interactions. It served as a resource for designers, producers, and to better collaborate with development.
  1. consistency across channels & devices

  2. Email templates & responsive framework offer a consistent look & feel no matter the viewport or touchpoint.
  1. Art Direction

  2. David Pfluger
  3. Julie Toth
  1. Creative Direction

  2. Evan Rose
  1. Additional Design

  2. John Brown
  3. Julie Toth
  1. Photography

  2. Gabe L'Heureux
  3. Dean Blotto Gray