Design for Brands by Matt Plays

Burton Holiday


Burton Holiday 2017


  1. Branding

  2. Illustration

  3. Type


This year, in light of our 40 Years Forward campaign, we decided to pursue a modern Holiday aesthetic. Gridded typography, mono-weight linework, and a seasonal palette came together for a contemporary take on the holidays.


digital collateral

Since Holiday spans digital and retail, following a simple grid system helped work scale across a wide range of asset sizes. Shown below is a small sampling of our digital efforts.


holiday 2016

Last season's Holiday campaign was rooted in mid-century nostalgia. Custom wrapping paper found its way onto the web and as gift wrap at retail stores.


Creative Direction

  1. Evan Rose

art direction

  1. David Pfluger

  2. Julie Toth

additional Design

  1. John Brown

  2. Julie Toth

Studio photography

  1. Pat Wright