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No, I don't create things for glory or Panasonic GH2's (though I am rather stoked to outfit one in a Nomad Handle). The real reason I'm excited about winning Adobe's #WhyICreate Twitter Sweepstakes is because I was able to articulate why I do what I do, and be recognized for it by such an authority.

In my time at HubSpot, I've had the opportunity to interview candidates for the company's growing in-house creative team. My favorite question to ask is: "What do you do in your free time?" My hope is that their craft, or some facet of it, is something an interviewee would do with pay or not. I was born to create. Getting paid to make things only guarantees that I'm creating every chance I get.


Congrats Matt our #whyicreate winner of the Panasonic GH2. Your drive to do rare things & preserve the moment inspires us @impartsomething — Adobe Students (@AdobeStudents) April 9, 2013


@adobestudents Doing rare things, and preserving the moment to share with others - that's #WhyICreate— Matt Plays (@impartsomething) February 22, 2013